Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Task 3 (10% + 5%)


LEVEL : Form 2 (Intermediate Level)

TIME : Two periods (One hour and 20 minutes)

TOPIC : How to Shop Wisely

SKILLS : Reading and Writing skills


1. Search information in the related websites and transfer into a mind map.

2. Practice reading and locating information into the mind map and tables.

3. Skimming and scanning information from the websites.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students should be able to:

1. Read the article of “How to Shop Wisely” individually.

2. Fill in the six blanks spaces in the mind map individually.

3. In groups, fill in the tables referring to the supermarket’s promotion catalogue for the items and their prices.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Internet connection, computers and speaker, LCD projector, websites:

1. http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Shop-Wisely&id=417893

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNpBYtcILv0&feature=related

3. http://www.giant.com.my/promotion/view/257

4. http://www.tesco.com.my/html/promotions.aspx?ID=41&PID=45&LID=1

5. http://www.carrefour.com.my/newc4w/en/print_aden190310.php

6. http://www.mydin.com.my/mydin/catalog/exchange/c450.html


1. Teacher finds the “Supermarket Song” on what to buy at the supermarket and groceries.

2. Then teacher needs to search an article on How to Shop Wisely.

3. Teacher also searches information on the promotion catalogues that available in Malaysia’s supermarkets. Thus, there are four supermarkets which are Giant, Tesco, Carrefour and Mydin.

4. Teacher prepare for the handouts that are six handouts altogether. The first handout is meant for the mind map named Handout 1 which students need to fill in the tips on “How to Shop Wisely” individually. Secondly, the Handout 2a, 2b, 2c, and 2d that are to be done in groups according to the supermarkets. Handout 2 is on tables for the items and the prices in different supermarkets. Thirdly, Handout 3 for the budget for the Birthday party. (refer Appendices)


Stage/ Time

Instructional Activity

Set induction

(10 minutes)

1. Teacher stimulates students’ interest through previewing a video clip containing a song entitled “Supermarket Song” from website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNpBYtcILv0&feature=related

2. Teacher asks students about the topic that they are going to learn.

3. Students are expected to say ‘go shopping’, “buy necessary things at supermarket’, or any relevant answers.

4. Teacher introduces the topic “How to Shop Wisely”.


Stage 1

(30 minutes)

Transfer of information to non-graphic item

1. Teacher instructs students to log on to the website: http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Shop-Wisely&id=417893 and they need to read the article from the website given.

2. Teacher distributes Handout 1 for students to individually fill in the blanks in the form of mind map.

3. After students have completed the mind map, teacher asks one student to read the article on “How to Shop Wisely”.

4. After that, one student will be selected to tell his or her answer for the first blank. Then, the next blanks will be answered by other students until all the blanks are answered.

5. Then, the teacher concludes on how to be a wise shopper.

Stage 2

(40 minutes)

Skimming and Scanning

1. Teacher asks students to be in a group of four.

2. Students are in their respective group.

3. Teacher asks for the representative of the group to pick the name for their shopping complexes.

4. Teacher gives out the related handouts for the respective group according to their supermarkets.

5. Then the teacher tells that each group will need to log on to the supermarket’s website that already stated in the handouts.

6. There are 8 groups in the class so two groups will get the same shopping complex. For example, two groups get Handout 2a (GIANT) which students need to log on to the website: http://www.giant.com.my/promotion/view/257, two groups get handout 2b (TESCO) which students need to log on to the website: http://www.tesco.com.my/html/promotions.aspx?ID=41&PID=45&LID=1, two groups get Handout 2c (CARREFOUR) which in the website: http://www.carrefour.com.my/newc4w/en/print_aden190310.php and the last two groups get Handout 2d (Mydin) which in the website: http://www.mydin.com.my/mydin/catalog/exchange/c450.html .

7. Teacher explains the groups need to fill in the blanks within the time given. The fastest will be rewarded.

Follow- up activity

(10 minutes)

1. Teacher then asks students about how to shop wisely and reminds students to refer to the tips given when they want to buy anything.

2. Then, in the same group, teacher tells each group has to imagine that they are going to organize a BIRTHDAY PARTY for 20 people in your class. Each group is provided with RM 150. Using that particular amount of money, make a list of the items that they want to buy in order to hold that party.

3. The teacher gives out Handout 3 that is the budget form for each group to fill in.

4. Each group then need to present their budget to the class for the next lesson using their own creativity and the use of Power Point presentation is compulsory.


(10 minutes)

1. Students are asked about what they have learned.

2. Teacher instills the importance of knowing to shop wisely.

3. Students respond.

4. Teacher recapitulates the whole lesson.

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